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DigitalMediAds treat our affiliates like partners. the variety of campaigns accessible to affiliates on DigitalMediAds is one amongst our strengths.
Create new Client interactions with their devices along side all kind of banner ads, full-screen video, interactive landing pages, native advertising, product detail reviews. Deliver the latest, most engaging content that users want.
DigitalMediAds preffered model is CPI, CPA, CPL, CPS, CPV, CPM, CPC, PPC and our offers are exclusive. Education, Dating, Email Submit, Insurance, Download, Mobile Content, Software, Entertainment, Finance, on-line Games, Health & Fitness, Make money, Solar, tech, Kids, Music & Audio, Shopping, Social Networking, Investors, Real Estate, Surveys, Travel, Utilities, Freebies, Beauty, Adult, Apps, Auto, Casino Gambling, Sports Beating, Coupons, Crypto, E-commerce, Fashion, Forex, Binary, Holiday-Traveland App Installs rank among our top verticals.


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CPI (Cost Per Install) campaigns square measure specific to mobile applications. in an exceedingly cost-per-install campaign, publishers place digital ads across a spread of media in a shot to drive installation of the publicized application. The whole is charged a set or bid rate only the applying is put in

CPA stands for price per acquisition. comptroller advertising will track the positioning wherever the users clicked on a commercial and if that group action happens which suggests if user fills the shape than the publiciser pays the publisher for this positive result

Cost per lead, usually abbreviated as CPL, is a web advertising valuation model, wherever the publiciser pays for a definite sign-up from a client fascinated by the advertiser's provide.

CPM stands for price per Million and you're paying for thousand impressions. Paying by the thousand takes the prices to an affordable level for tiny businesses, and makes a lot of sense even in giant company organizations. each single visit on the packaging printed on your web site can increase your earning associated same goes for an advertizer. a lot ofvariety of visits on the ad suggests that advertisers ought to pay less. we've got completed that a good packaging willattracts thousands of recent customers whereas a billboard with a wrong message could lead you to lose your existing customers

CPC stands for value Per Click. we have a tendency to square measure providing this distinctive and effective advertising tool for increasing the traffic and revenue in your business. During this technique, publiciser pays fix worthfor each click on the ad. the value per click model is eminent technique that is comparatively well understood and primarily seen on in style networks. CPC ads charm to several publishers as observance of oversubscribed and remained is sort of straightforward.


CPV (cost per view)


PPS (Pay per sale)


PPC(Pay per call)






Simple and visual affiliate interface. Stat graphs featuring your geographical traffic distribution, revenue and clicks` growth

Global reach

World Wide GEO fill and all profitable verticals and models

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Mobile (Android & iOS) and Desktop

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